The Prayer That Will Save Millions

April 03, 2020

The Prayer That Will Save Millions

This man's prayer made me physically ill!

This Should Be Our Reponse.

As a planet, we are undergoing one of the most trying seasons in recorded history.  The entire globe is being affected by COVID19.  The news reports are grim.  People, believers and non-believers alike, are getting sick and dying all over the world and several countries are experiencing other types of plaques, too...but there is a remedy.
This morning, I was watching an interview with a prominent spiritual leader in our country.  He was asked to pray, and I was so disheartened by his prayer. 

He asked for strength for the first responders, for the news media personalities and for the people going through this unprecedented world-wide calamity.  Sounds good, right?  Certainly, but his prayer was woefully incomplete.
Wow!  Was I surprised by my emotional response to his heartfelt yet incomplete petition on behalf of the world.  I felt disgusted, physically ill and angry! 
Imagine if you were the Father and someone came to your house and: egged it; put a bag of dog poop on your porch and lit it on fire; beat up and killed your children and pets; told terrible lies about you, the things you've said, and gossiped about your children; invited other unsavory people to come live in YOUR house; stole from you; did unmentionable things in your house and yard, and then came to you and asked you for a loan or favor.  Would you be inclined to do it if there was no repentance?  Would you even listen to their request?  If you are anything like me the answer would be a resounding, “Heck NO!” right?
That’s what it felt like to me.  Looking at it from the Father's perspective, this man, representing and praying on behalf of this sinful and dying world, asking for a huge favor on behalf of people without repentance. (I know, over-exaggeration, right?  Or is it?)
Many religious leaders around the world have declared that these are “as the days of Noah”.  If that’s true then that means, we are likely in or near the end times, or at least in the “beginning of sorrows” as Jesus/Yeshua spoke of in Matthew 24:8, the birth pangs of the Messiah’s return and reign. 
II Chronicles 7:13-14 says...

13 If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;...


So, if Abba is trying to get our attention...

...then wouldn't it be wisdom to give it to Him quickly?  In His grace and mercy, He has given us a remedy in the event of famine, pestilence and plaques, right here in vs. 14. 

So, in response to the interview I watched, I asked the Father how we should pray, and this is what came out of my mouth:


Heavenly Father,

We humbly ask for Your forgiveness. We have strayed from Your ways and have lost wisdom when we lost the fear of You.


We have removed You from our schools, our governments and even many of our churches. We have erected false gods into Your sanctuary and have glorified them instead.


We have shed innocent 🩸 blood and called it “choice”.


We have stopped relying on You for our provision.  Instead we have made ourselves little gods.  We have sought our own ways, at the expense of others.  We covet what others have. We scheme and steal to possess more.  We have defiled the land, water and air resources You have given us and called it business as usual.


We have displaced, enslaved and destroyed other inhabitants of this earth. All these things we have done for the sake of advancement, success and personal gain.


We have sought our own pleasures, fed our most depraved appetites, went against Your natural order of things. We have defiled the sacred covenant of marriage and have denigrated Your holy definition of family for the sake of lust.


We have defiled even the very symbol of your covenant with the earth. We do all these things then boldly post it for the world to see while encouraging others to do so, as well.


We have taken Your Name in vain!


We have not honored Your word. We have twisted it and perverted it to tickle the ears of the listener, for self-gain. We teach others to also dishonor Your Word.


We’ve gossiped and lied.


We’ve been more concerned with offending man than of offending You, and called it political correctness.


We have not obeyed Your commandments, instead we teach others not to, in the name of grace.

We do not honor Your holy days and appointed times but spend thousands of dollars to honor pagan traditions.


Abba, please forgive us!!!


Once we had Your favor. Please, teach us Your ways again, so that we will again have Your favor.

Teach us how to love you and how to love Your Word.


Your word promises that if we would seek Your face, turn from our wicked ways (repent) THEN You will hear us and heal our land.


Please cancel the Angel of Death’s assignment here. Please heal our people. All who turn to You, please restore!


We ask this in the name of and for the sake of Jesus/Yeshua, Your first-born son, whom You offered up as a sacrifice for us so that we might have everlasting life with You! Amen!


This is a season to ‘Fast, pray and repent’.  I believe this prayer is inspired directly by the Holy Spirit.  I believe it is the Father’s heart.  I believe that if this nation would implement these 3 words, “fast, pray, and repent” that lives will be saved and it will usher in a season of revival and favor unlike any other.


If you prayed this prayer too, please forward it and share it with others.  Then all the other prayers for healing, protection, strength, and blessing will too be heard.

Blessings, Love and Shalom!

Denise Salinas

P.S.: David has composed a new song, inspired by II Chronicles 7:14.  He will preview it LIVE Saturday, April 4th on FaceBook at 11:00 am CT.  I know you will be blessed by it.


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